Thursday, 8 June 2017

What You, As SEO Expert, Can Do to Tackle the Management

It’s fairly simple; you, as SEO guru, may face the challenges which might not be related to technicalities of SEO. The biggest issue I am talking about is being answerable to the people who do not necessarily have the deepest knowledge about SEO. So, you may have the best team working at their best to tackle any job; but if you are not paying attention to the details which the clients or management people ask from you, there would definitely be the huge problems ahead of you.

To ensure that you would be able to find a better way to handle such people in the future, there are a few things that you can take into consideration.

Understand the roles of people you may have to deal with

Normally, you are answerable to the marketing managers and VPs who are usually well aware of the program goals and complications that arise during any SEO campaign. Then there comes a VP of products and he suddenly finds out about a product which is not performing well over specific keyword. Or it is the CEO who wants to know about the low performance of a big product in the market.

The way you can handle such situations is to make them realize that your goals are not the same as theirs’, and that your goals are not less important in any manner.

You should be ready to educate them

Having to work under the VPs and managers who would have better understanding about how SEO works is surely nothing less than a blessing. But it is not always the case. So, it remains the part of your job to ensure that your clients or managers have better understanding about the work you are doing. Still, there can be instances when you may get frustrated. For example, the manager you have been working with may have better understanding about the SEO operations you are performing. But suddenly, that manager decides to leave and then comes the new manager who has an outdated knowledge about SEO. Surely, the new manager will be asking things according to his understanding, and it can be pretty much daunting for you to justify your work again and again. Nevertheless, you should understand that those managers are doing their job, so you should do yours. Stick with the best practices and tell the managers regarding how things work.

Always aim at showing good results
It is most important to note that you are hired to show the results, so you must show results on monthly and weekly basis. You just cannot take a back seat after getting a huge breakthrough as your managers and CEO won’t always be celebrating a marketing success that you gave a few months back. I do not mean to say that you should always tend to deliver big results. You can keep a good news or small positive for every weekly meeting with your bosses.

Above mentioned ways can help you continue your good work while dealing with the toughest people in management in best possible way.

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